aula is a unique project to empower students to be creators of their own (school) environment and by that become active and critical, democratic citizens. It provides an infrastructure for democratic desision making in schools, as well as educational material to reflect on the process. The goal is to give practical experience and the needed competences for creative democratic participation in the digitalised world.

aula is a project of politik-digital e.V. It is funded by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. Currently, four pilot schools all over Germany are testing the usability and the benefit of the software in their school environment.

how does it work?

We created a liquid democracy based online platform where students can formulate and discuss their own ideas. In the end, all students can vote whether or not they want to implement an idea at their school. The program also includes a manual explaining the functionality of the software and detailed guidelines for the didactical assessment of the project.

Want to know more about aula?

Our project manager and initiator Marina Weisband describes the key functions and the idea behind aula in the video below.  If you want to have a first glance at the platform, you can also watch our explanatory videos here.

Want to get in touch with the aula-team? Write us here.